has solved an ongoing problem facing many universities: How to plan and execute complex overseas trips for students who hail from across the globe, many of whom require different travel documents. has solved an ongoing problem facing many students for official documents that are issued in one country that will be used in countries abroad need to be legalized or ‘authenticated’ by the appropriate authorities in the issuing country as proof that the document was issued by a competent official. I.e., proof that the certificate is genuine and not fraudulent.
University faculty and administrators routinely use overseas travel as an integrated part of higher education. As many student bodies are made up of students from all over the country and world, the inherent difficulties are obvious.Universities can now manage student travel visa needs on one easy-to-use platform. As university faculty plan a travel itinerary they can invite students to join the travel group. They can then track the progress of each student as they progress through the visa application process.